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Spring In The Cotswolds Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

Spring In The Cotswolds Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

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Aroma palette is green and earthy with hints of floral and musk. Highlights include freshly tilled potting soil, dew-misted ivy, lily of the valley, peppery green vegetation, aromatic green herbs, a faint ghosting of lavender, and rain musk.

The essence of a budding spring garden nestled in the quaintest of villages, this enchanting fragrance opens with green drama and settles into a magical rain musk. At the onset, this ever-morphing fragrance features dew-misted ivy, peppery green vegetation, freshly tilled potting soil, and green aromatic herbs. As it dries down, the greens disappear into the background to reveal a ghosting of lavender as the herbal bouquet moves forward. After about a half hour of wear, lily of the valley and a beautiful rain musk break through and melds with the green background to form a portrait of dusk emerging on a timeless spring garden.

The magic of this fragrance is all the changes that it reveals on the dry-down. From bright green to earthy soil, to herbal elements, lily of the valley, and the final settling into rain, it’s an olfactory journey through all elements of a budding garden.

Presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle or 1ml sample vial.This blend is a seasonal Limited Edition and will only be available while supplies last.

Artist notes: Allow this blend at least a half hour of wear to soften and reveal all of nuances. It morphs from bright green to rain musk over the span of approximately 30 minutes.

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Customer Reviews

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my great grandmother’s porch

this is the best!
i can’t describe it better than the given description and can only add that it smells even better.
it’s a different smell that hits a very emotional past.
do i have to wait a year to buy more?!?!?
please put this one in the available choices.
thank you!