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Black Baccara

Spring Witch Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

Spring Witch Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

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Aroma palette is a floral gourmand. Highlights include apricot cognac, soft amber resin, vanilla marshmallow, and peppered rose.

This enchanting fragrance is our ode to the most magical aspects of spring and the joyful feelings that awaken within us as we watch the earth emerge from her winter slumber. This perfume opens with a boozy yet fruity offering of apricot cognac and quickly settles into a soft, powdery amber with pepper and vanilla nuances. It then fully settles into a gorgeous peppery rose bedecked with whispers of fruit and sugar.

Available in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle or a 10ml rollerball bottle.

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Customer Reviews

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Jenna Miller
Fruity and intoxicating

Love the apricot cognac and amber! It morphs into a sweet peppery rose. Amazing how the oil transforms into your skin.

Alyssa Bailey-Broom
Sweet Powdery Rose

When first applied, I got a strong fruity apricot and boozy notes, followed very quickly by a powdery note. As it started to dry down, the powdery/Ambery note became more prominent as the Apricot Cognac started to fade into the background a bit. At this point, the Rose started to emerge with a slight, ever so subtle spice. Further into the dry down, the powdery/Amber note became less prominent and the Rose came forward more. The powdery note is absolutely still there, just a little less strength. The overall scent of this fragrance for me is sweet powdery rose with slight hints of fruit.