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Summer 1989 Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is a fruity gourmand. Highlights include root beer float, chocolate scratch and sniff stickers, and grape popsicles.

This time machine atmospheric was inspired by the artists memories of summer in the late 1980s. This is a unique, very retro fragrance that opens up with a classic rootbeer float (fizzy rootbeer with billowing dollops of cool vanilla ice cream), gradually revealing a quick wave of the muted chocolate that you may remember from scratch n' sniff stickers. As this blend wears on, you'll also catch a whiff of grape popsicles. It settles into a fizzy rootbeer with occasional pops of grape rooted in a very subtle chocolate.  

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle with dropper cap. All of our perfumes are presented beautifully packaged, making each of our bottles an artful indulgence for yourself or for gift-giving. 

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