Summer 2018 Limited Edition Perfume Oil Sampler

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Our Summer 2018 Limited Edition perfume sampler set includes all five of our new summer releases. These five new blends walk the balance between darkness and light. With an emphasis on fresh, clean, and simultaneously mysterious scents, these blends are perfect choices for the summer months yet retain our characteristic haunting timelessness that makes them perfect for any season. Inspired by magical fantasy worlds, each of these blends incorporate fruits in unique ways, utilizing them as an element to lend mystery to each blend.

Your journey through our summer collection begins in the Fairy Forest where patchouli fans will find a distinctive, fresh patchouli augmented with bursts of coffee bean and spearmint. As you emerge from the earthiness of the forest, you’ll meet the Goddess Of Light, a magical and otherworldly effervescent fragrance perfect for midsummer nights and witches who wander on the lighter side. Next, you will emerge into a sparkling seascape to experience our Mermaid potion, an enigmatic and bold oceanic blend. Your journey continues to the ruins of an ancient temple, where you can experience Temple Doves, an incense and soft musk blend that evokes visions of all things sacred and soothing. Your journey through our new collection ends in the Unicorn Grove, an uplifting, light-filled, citrus, caramel, and strawberry potion that will transport you to another world.

Our generously filled 1ml glass apothecary sample vials will provide approximately 5-7 applications or more per vial and contain a plastic wand in the cap for easy and controlled application. Each set is artfully presented in a mini keepsake tin, making them perfect for gift-giving as well.

†Fairy Forest

Enter a soothing, earthy, and uplifting fairy forest in this magical patchouli-based blend. Our airiest patchouli dances with freshly tilled soil to anchor this blend in the earthy sweetness of an enchanting forest floor. On the dry down, fog and spearmint burst through the earthy notes, draping a fresh, clean, and invigorating veil over the deep earthiness. Finally, pops of fresh coffee beans and crisp green leaves give this blend a truly unique and mystical aura evocative of misty mornings and magical walks through the forest.

†Goddess Of Light

This effervescent blend evokes swirling white veils, sparks of rainbow light, and otherworldly mystery. An orange, lime, strawberry, and vanilla accord gives this blend a fresh and fizzy aura reminiscent of freshly poured cola. On the dry down, the effervescence settles into a soft and mysterious fruit and vanilla hybrid. This uniquely uplifting blend is a clean, sparkling, fruity scent with an otherworldly flair.

†Mermaid Potion

Enter a lush blue fantasy landscape of peacock blue oceans and shimmering magenta sands in this hauntingly aquatic fragrance. A bouquet of ozone and marine notes create a strong ocean base upon which lemon verbena and juicy grapefruit dance together to uplift the darker sea notes. Still, the blend remains on the darker side, with a dusting of vanilla bean peeking through on the dry down to lend a slight softness to the citrus whispers. A unique, bold oceanic blend fit for any mermaid.

†Temple Doves

Incense and musk dance together in this intoxicating blend which walks the balance between sacred and seductive. A beautiful soft musk and orange accord sits perfectly balanced atop pure Nag Champa incense evoking visions of ancient temples. Plumeria, sandalwood, and the faintest hints of smoke are tempered by oranges and a quick peek of pomegranates on the dry down. The fruits in this blend pop out in quickly vanishing whispers, giving the musk and incense center stage.

†Unicorn Grove

A magical and enchanting landscape unfolds in our unique Unicorn-inspired blend. A lemon and lime accord give this blend a crisp, fresh, and clean citrus glow which is softened by warm spun sugar and lush, thick swirls of caramel. On the dry down, a handful of freshly picked summer strawberries and pink lemonade peek through, giving this fragrance a nostalgic aura. This clean, fresh, fruity blend settles into a soft lingering strawberry that will transport you to another world.

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