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Summertide Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

Summertide Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

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Aroma palette is a fruity and earthy. Highlights include matcha, Bartlett pear, basil, lime, coconut, and patchouli.

Summertide is the artists interpretation of the essence of summer. This soothing, moody, earthy blend features a bouquet of summer fruits laid atop freshly brewed iced matcha tea. Bartlett pear and basil open this blend before revealing bursts of lime and coconut on the drydown. The fruits are set against a backdrop of matcha, keeping them ever so slightly greened throughout. This magical blend also features a hint of patchouli to keep it grounded without veering too earthy. It settles into a unique fruit tea with hints of earth and coconut. A beautiful, vibrant blend that wears close to the skin.

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle with dropper cap.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I've Got That Summertide Happiness

If you, like me, are immediately wary the description, or aren’t a fan of coconut or citrus scents (also me), don’t be fooled, this is by far my favorite scent from BB’s Summer LE line. The notes may sound chaotic and mismatched, but BB blends this so magically that it’s the equivalent of drinking a nice iced drink after a long day swimming at the pool. It's sweet without being floral, but not cloying or overly fruity or sour. This is the perfect perfume refreshment for a hot Summer day.

The Perfect Summer

Stunning! Kalliope has managed to distill this menagerie of notes into one harmonious summer symphony which can lull you into a warm summer night from a playful day of sunshine.

The basil note scared me a bit, because my skin tends to amp basil to high heaven and it can come off as almost bitter and very astringent. Luckily it must just blend seamlessly into the overall "green" elements along with the matcha. The patchouli is not a dark, heavy patch- it's light and airy and more green than deep brown. I also love how that patchouli fuses with the dominant juicy pear. The coconut must be there somewhere, but this is not a straightforward beachy scent like Black Sands.

This scent actually reminds me so much of the Oregon Country Fair, a very well known and long standing annual alternative festival where I live. I can't even pin it down, but this scent takes me back to hot days and warm July nights camping at OCF and wandering the fairyland paths that meander the grounds there. It's magical.

Fans of Summer Spell will probably enjoy this, and I would describe both as green-leaning fragrances for people who don't tend to gravitate towards green fragrances. If you enjoy Moth will also find some commonalities here in the combination of pear and patchouli- I actually prefer this to Moth because it's lighter and airier. All in all, a most enchanting creation and a new contender for the "perfect" summer scent in my collection.


This is not at all what I expected from this scent! Im absolutely surprised, and I love it. All Black Baccara scents are so unique, and this one is exactly that, unique! It has a lovely green and citrus notes. Im not usually a huge lime fan in perfumes, but this note of lime is perfect and almost smells like I'd imagine a citrusy, carbonated, refreshing drink on a hot summer day😍


It perfectly sums up the smell of a beachy summer. Subtle, and warm smelling. In love!!

Sweetly nostalgic

On me, this fragrance opens on a nostalgic sweet scent, like candy necklaces. Once the scent dries down it's less candy-like, and more of a fruity earthy blend with no particularly strong pull. Normally I dont care for patchouli, but this time it works beautifully paired with matcha to keep the lime and coconut grounded. It's like a walk down a boardwalk at sunset. I love this one so much!