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Temple Doves™ Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is a woodsy, musk incense with hints of fruit. Highlights include soft musk, orange, nag champa incense, and pomegranate. 

Incense and musk dance together in this intoxicating blend which walks the balance between sacred and seductive. A beautiful soft musk and orange accord sits perfectly balanced atop pure Nag Champa incense evoking visions of ancient temples. Plumeria, sandalwood, and the faintest hints of smoke are tempered by oranges and a quick peek of pomegranates on the dry down. The fruits in this blend pop out in quickly vanishing whispers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kim M.
Temple Doves Fly High

I absolutely love this perfume oil. smells of powdery orange blossoms on me. Gives me a peaceful and free feeling.

Elizabeth T.
temple doves

It's a truly lovely scent. It makes me get in touch with that is sacred inside myself. I apply it to my skin as well as my clothes so the scent hangs on even longer. Thank you for creating this.

Jessica R.
One of my favorites!

I have always LOVED Temple Doves! Its literally one of my all time favorites from this house.It so smooth and perfectly balanced with the sweet notes of the orange and plumeria with the most amazing(perfect) nag champa note ever! I seriously hope this scent is never retired. I would probably cry! Lol.

Mary Stephens Mitchell
Love and Light

Temple Doves is a positive, calming perfume. The sweet orange and juicy pomegranate notes are smoothed and warmed beautifully by sheer musk, easing them down into spectacular and exotic nag champa. The champa here is neither too smoky nor sharp, but perfectly floral, lingering on the skin for many hours. I am reminded by the goddess Parvati. “Glory to you O Daughter of the Mountain. You have always been and will exist for eternity. You are the ultimate enticer, playing with all creation.”

Sherry D.
Oooh the incense!

Smells just like the best Nag Champa. Only need a small dab or you'll smell like a metaphysical shop, but I love it! Lasts all day. Wonderful! The first perfume I've gotten from here. Will definitely order more!