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Black Baccara

The Bells Perfume Oil

The Bells Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is darkly floral and earthy. Highlights include Lily Of The Valley, winter rain, old moss growing on stones, antiqued leather, peru balsam, sweet orange, and church incense.

The Bells is our tribute to the dark season when the nights are at their longest and a hauntingly beautiful stillness seems to perpetually hang in the air, punctuated by the sound of church bells at dusk. The heart of this blend is lily of the valley, a flower associated with the winter season and the holidays during the Victorian era. This haunting floral is darkened by our earthy winter rain accord, moss, a bit of leather, a honeyed forest dyad of peru balsam and sweet orange, and a ghosting of church incense.

Available as a 5ml apothecary bottle and a 10ml rollerball bottle.



Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance.

*We use skin-healthy fractionated coconut oil as a diluent for our oil-based fragrances due to it's non-greasy texture, odorlessness, stability, resistance to oxidation, and unparalleled shelf life.

*Our fragrances are composed of the highest quality essential oils, plant extracts, phthalate free synthetics, house-made accords, absolutes, resins, c02s, isolates, aroma chemicals, professional perfumery bases, and unique compositions crafted by the artist.

What Are Perfume Oils?

Please note that these are not fragrance oils; they are perfume oils (artisan perfumes presented in oil format). They are meant to be worn on the skin and are not suitable for wax warmers, oil burners, or aroma diffusers. The only difference between our perfume oils and Eau de Parfums is the oil format. Many people prefer perfume oils because they wear close to the skin and unfold a bit more non-linearly than Eau de Parfums. For a more in-depth look at perfume oils, please peruse our knowledge base articles.

About Perfume Oils

Perfume oils do not unfold their complexity when experienced directly from the bottle. If you attempt to gauge the aroma of a perfume oil by smelling it from the bottle, your experience will not be accurate whatsoever. Always test perfumes on your body for the full experience.

Apply first to your pulse points (the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, and the inner elbows) where it will warm with your body heat to unfold the fragrance.

Perfume oil, unlike alcohol-based perfumes, wears close to the skin. It warms on your body, adapts to your body chemistry, and creates a halo of scent on the body. As it fades, perfume oil can be applied throughout the day as a personal aromatic ritual.

Not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing, children, or pets. Always patch test for potential allergies before applying liberally.

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Customer Reviews

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Luna Negra
Ghostly + Gorgeous

The Bells caught me a little off-guard, but I think it is because my nose is not familiar with lily of the valley. I certainly am now. In the bottle, the lily of the valley is the first thing that hit my senses, although that is not to say it is overpowering. It remains light, just hint sweet and pleasantly floral. After dry down on the skin is when the fragrance becomes haunted by ghost of the season. I love the way the moss and orange blend together in this. Honestly to me this could have easily been packaged as Nosferatu 2, as there is something quite vampiric about The Bells, even without the typical wine or rose that most vampire themed fragrances have. Absolutely gorgeous, a bit darkly flirty and sexy. Very happy this is one of the seasonal fragrances I selected.