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Black Baccara

The Cottage Witch Perfume Oil And Eau de Parfum

The Cottage Witch Perfume Oil And Eau de Parfum

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Aroma palette is an earthy, fruit-tinged amber musk. Highlights include orange tea, fading forest greenery, autumn leaves, and warm amber musk.

Step inside the abode of the cottage witch and experience aromas which embody the coziest parts of an autumn day spent in solitude. This unique fragrance opens with a big punchy cup of orange tea dispersing its aroma into the cool October air. A fading green forest quickly emerges to grace this blend with very subtle hints of green before giving way to the autumn leaves that now overtake it. On the dyrdown, a beautifully warm amber musk appears, tying together the experience with the presence of the cottage witch herself. This intoxicating blend settles into an orange-tinged amber with fougere and autumn leaf undertones. 

This limited edition blend is presented as a 5ml amber apothecary bottle or 15ml Eau de Parfum.


Please note that Eau de Parfums can only be shipped within the USA. If you place an order for an Eau de Parfum from outside of the United States, your order will be automatically canceled.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emma Stamper
Perfect for fall

I got the sample of this scent and immediately purchased the bigger size when it was available. This scent is one of my favorites that I've tried and I am so excited to wear this all fall long (and probably year round if I'm honest with myself). I adore the orange coming through and the whole thing manages not to be too sweet with the addition of the greenery. If this comes back during another launch (which I really hope it does) I am buying it again for sure.

Alyssa Bailey-Broom
Picture a witch in her favorite chair drinking orange tea.....

Straight away I get oranges and tea. But not cloyingly sweet fresh oranges. More of a dried candied orange. The tea definitely tones it down so it is not sickeningly sweet. These two blend together beautifully for quite a long time. I get an ever so subtle hint of green after about 30 minutes, but it doesn't last long on my skin. After about 1 1/2 hours into the dry down, the orange starts to fade a little bit and a more amber note starts to emerge as well as a slight autumn leaf (slightly dried). The orange is absolutely still there and lasts the entirety of the fragrance, but as a beautiful mix with the tea, amber and autumn leaves. I can imagine a witch in her small cottage in the woods during the fall, sipping on her orange tea while sitting in a rocking chair by the fire when I smell this scent. I purchased this one as a full bottle without sampling it first as I had a feeling a would love it, and I was right. It works beautifully with my skin chemistry. Highly recommended!!!

Beautiful scent

I love this scent. This is like drinking tea in a cottage surrounded by forest. It opens as a sweet orange tea with earthy roots. Musk quickly blossoms into the heart of this blend, bringing such a cozy warm feeling with it. I feel so comforted by this earthy, slightly fruity blend. It's definitely a new fall staple.

Jenna Miller

Received this in the sampler. It's my favorite along with occult bookstore. They way it unfolded was enchanting to me. The orange delicateness held throughout. Just beautiful!

Stacy Ducharme
Gorgeous warm citrus burst

This perfume is bright and full of radiant orange and intoxicating sweetness. Delightful for summer as well as fall. I was thrilled to get this in the Autumn 2021 sampler! Really beautiful scent.