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The Gables Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection)

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is dark and woodsy. Highlights include antique wood, charred violets, agarwood smoke, and fireplace embers.

Our ode to the House Of Seven Gables is a dark, brooding blend that encapsulates the experience of walking through the seventeenth century historic home. An eerie antique wood accord is the centerpiece of this blend, which travels through charred violet, the haunting smell of agarwood smoke, a quick ghosting of clove, and a touch of fireplace smoke on the dry down. A highly atmospheric blend, this aroma will instantly transport you to another time and place.

If you would like to read a more detailed description of this blend, please click here to read the artists notes.

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle with dropper cap. All of our perfumes are presented beautifully making each of our bottles an artful indulgence for yourself or for gift-giving. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jenna Miller

Oh my! I love, love, love this blend. Charred violets settle so beautifully into your skin.

Joshua Jacob
Intoxicating, enchanting, and gloriously dark.

I admit that I was unsure of this at first, but upon opening it, I quickly fell in love! In the bottle I can smell a fireplace that well seasoned wood was burned in. I can smell the kindling catching as the pinecones crackle beneath it. At least, that's the mental image it conjures for me. I can also smell something like leather in it. And hints of tobacco. Those notes remind me of my grandfather. I can smell the floral element in it, but it's as if it surrounds you, instead of emanating from you. Like an aura of violets. This fragrance is like a handsome witch, grinning mischievously from the shadows. I would definitely buy again!

Viva Violettes!! 🖤💜

This is my new favorite! I sampled it in the Halloween 2020 collection and was so delighted with this most unusual fragrance that I purchased it in a larger size. The scent is intoxicating, a dark, smoldering violet bouquet with smoky and earthen overtones. Delicious!

Luna Negra
A gorgeous and masculine take on violets

I found The Gables very interesting. First, it definitely smells like walking through a historic home. In particular, it smells to me as though I am sitting in the home's library or parlor. I am not sure why I pinpoint that image exactly. That said, this is the most "perfumey" (if that makes sense) of all the Black Baccara oils I have tried yet. While I do love it and the image it conjures, I am not a fan of this on myself, and that is for one reason. For me, the fragrance leans heavily on the masculine side. I know that fragrances are unisex, so this only applies for those who have preferences for either masculine or feminine fragrances for themselves or to people they gift. I do love The Gables though, and I have a friend I am going to gift it to, I know he will love it!

In the bottle, I definitely pick up on the wood and violet. In fact the violet is a very nice violet, very green, which is what I believe it what may be giving this blend the "perfumey" scent I described before. After dry down on my skin, the violet calms down immensely and gives way to the fireplace smoke. I can barely pick up on the clove on my skin, just very barely.

Despite not liking this for my personal use, I am going to love smelling my friend when I hug him with this on him. Another work of art by Black Baccara!

Hauntingly Beautiful!

This incredible blend is intensely sweet and smokey, and overall gorgeous! It transports me to Salem and all that it’s history entails. Please, please bring this back as part of the permanent collection!