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The Morbs Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

The Morbs Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

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Aroma palette is a dirty, earthy floral. Highlights include autumn rain, rain drenched earth, cold cobblestone, and withering roses.

"The morbs" was Victorian slang used to refer to a state of melancholy. You'll find that this dark and dreary fragrance perfectly encapsulates a sense of Victorian era melancholia.

The artist wanted to encapsulate a heartbreak-laden walk through Victorian London, arms holding a bouquet of red roses that are beginning to fade. At the heart of this blend is a dirty, but beautiful true rose. The rose here is ensconced in autumn rain, rain drenched earth, and hints of cold cobblestone. This is an earthy, dark, melancholy, and haunting rose fragrance perfect for the autumn and winter months.

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle.


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Customer Reviews

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Renewed Love for Morbs

I bought the Fall sample collection in early September. The Morbs was part of the collection. I am very new to perfumes and I'm still finding what I like and do not like. Although, sometimes things I do not like end up growing on me, just like The Morbs did.
My first impression of Morbs was not a great one. At first smell from the bottle I was instantaneously turned off from the scent. For me, it came off as a strong wet mineral scent. Just like the description, its dirty and earthy straight from the bottle. I automatically put that back the first time smelling it from the bottle and a memory was coming to the fore front of my aunt's bathroom smell in Mexico after someone had taken a shower. To me it was indistinctedly correlated to freshly wet tile with traces of that very distinct heavily floral or rose body soap. It was never a bad smell but a weird one that I never liked or hated but found interesting.
After, going through all of the other samples and giving them a chance for wear, I found myself dreading trying Morbs. Ha, how comical but fitting.
Just as the first time smelling it from the bottle I was still not in love with it but on it went before I headed to the gym as I liked to test the perfumes this way to integrate them further with my skin.
Dabbing it on the pulse points, the smell was strong, still as wet dirt and earthy. By the time I got to the gym, it had been 20 ish minutes. I noticed when taking off my sweater the scent toned down to a beatiful, fragile earth. A shy one. It went from dirty to a delicate blanket of softness that served as a pedestal mound of soft nurturing earth that held an array grouping of flowers a little over their prime lined with stones. It did not give the first signs of Fall but a month in where leaves have begun to decay and mix with fresh rain water on the concrete. A chill breeze picks up this scent of a soft pleasant decay and carries it through the rest of the season of Fall till winter.
I was so intrigued. I couldn't believe that this scent was able to transform into something like that. I continued on with my workout and noticed throughout it that the scent kept maturing for me. The scent of soft decay took its place in the background in a delicate velvety fashion and the florals came through more and more, ebbing and flowing until it was a steady slow flow. For me, I was still able to smell mineral scents but my god did it just mix so well with the withering flora as well as what was happening in the background. I felt like I honestly smelled Morbs grow up right in front of me in the wirdest way from a pungent, edgy, rowdy, punk adolescent to a dark, sensual, gorgeous, mysterious, mature feminine power.

Then it hit me, Persephone.
This is exactly how I imagine Persephone to smell of when it is time for her to descend down into the underworld. Now, everytime I wear Morbs, I feel like a dual, underworld, powerful goddess that enjoys the season of death and decay while waiting for spring to come again. The original memory of this scent I had initially has been replaced by this new perception and I am quite in love with it.
I came back for a 3rd purchase just to buy two bottles of Morbs because I did not want to have any regrets later once I ran out of my sample vile (which would of been another 2 days to finish) and never having it again.

Its a unique scent. It is very earthy and such as the description and might not be everyone's cup of tea but if you're feeling adventurous, please try it if you can. Give it time to grow on you like it did to me. And if you still don't love it, please send it my way.

Wow is all I have to say...

How can you embottle the smell of rain drenched earth and withering dry roses into a wearable perfume? This smells exactly like that. Makes me feel like a heartbroken girl, looking out my window of a cold house, while it pours outside. On my hands, the withering rose bouquet my love gave me before he left forever....

*Keep doing what you are doing Kalliope, you are a true artisan*