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Thunder Moon Oil (Pre-Order)

  • $23.00

Pre-Orders for this oil will be open until Sunday July 5th at 7pm EST. This blend is available only through Pre-order. 

This is a power blend which will be crafted during the thunder moon and charged on fossilized lightening. It will amplify, quicken, and strengthen all workings and help to accelerate all rituals. If you are not doing specific work, you can use it as a personal power, confidence, and protection blend by using it as a subtle ritual perfume to anoint pulse points. 

This is an earthy, grounding blend which features a blend of patchouli and galangal fixed with High John The Conqueror root and a pinch of dragon's blood resin for their amplification, strengthening, quickening, and protective qualities. Tumbled smoky quartz is also added for grounding, protection, and quickening properties. This blend is finished with sparkling plant based biodegradable glitter in the most stunning gunmetal gray color. Please write "no glitter" in the notes section  if you would prefer yours be crafted without the added sparkle. I will be charging this blend on fulgurite (fossilized lightening) as well. 

Suggested uses: This is a high powered blend for use in magical workings. Use when an extra push is needed during any spell, petition, or manifestation work. This blend may be used to dress candles and objects and a few drops may also be used in the bath or to anoint the body as a subtle magical perfume. A few drops of this oil can also be added to any of my other oils to give them an extra push. This will be crafted as a high energy power blend and only a small amount is needed.

15ml glass apothecary bottle. Ingredients are suspended in a base of organic fractionated coconut oil. Always run a patch test before using on the body. External use only. Shake well to disperse ingredients. Small plastic topper may sometimes separate from cap — it is meant only to prevent leakage during shipping so please remove it before use. 

Contains: Patchouli essential oil, galangal essential oil, high john the conqueror root, dragon's blood resin,  smoky quartz chips, plant-based biodegradable glitter, fractionated coconut oil. 

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