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Undead Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

Undead Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

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Aroma palette is resinous, woodsy, and darkly floral. Highlights include grey amber musk, deep woods, burning embers, church incense, smoky myrrh, and lilies.

This customer favorite has been resurrected. Undead is a mansion ghost in floral robes who makes her presence known in the decadent fragrance that decorates her vanishing. A soft and ghostly blend of incense, grey amber musk, deep woods, burning embers, and a ghosting of lily. Myrrh, fire, and church incense make appearances on the dry down before settling into the perfect dance between woods, incense, embers, and the faintest touch of darkest floral.Hauntingly soft, beautiful, and mysterious.

This emotive blend begins with an enchanting blend of lily, grey amber musk, opoponax, and a touch of frankincense. This bewitching palette then reveals myrrh, fire, and church incense on the dry down before settling into the perfect dance between woods, incense, embers, and the faintest touch of floral.  

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle or a 10ml rollerball bottle.  All of our perfumes are presented beautifully packaged, making each of our bottles an artful indulgence for yourself or for gift-giving. 

This blend is a seasonal Limited Edition and will only be available while supplies last.

Please read our Shipping And Store Policies. Your purchase constitutes agreement with these policies. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jenelle DesMarais
Renaissance Festival in a Bottle!

We are Rennies and we love the smell of the incense while at the Ren Fest and although I did not expect that that's what Undead would smell like, I'm so happy that I was able to get some because it is so reminiscent of those booths and I absolutely love it!

Amanda Flynn

I am in absolute love with Undead! I am so happy to have found you Black Baccara. My withered black heart grew 10x the second I put this on. I hope you bring it back intermittently because I need a car roller and purse roller to accompany my home roller. Blessed be.

Robert Johnson
Eternally Undead

I absolutely love this fragrance. It's very captivating and takes me to another place and time. I paired it with a touch of Midnight Mass on another pulse point and "oh my" the magick begins. Eternally grateful for such beautiful creations.

Deana M.
Great product

I love this blend, as well as all the ones I've gotten from this shop in the past look forward to trying new ones in the future.

Annalise J.
Undead limited release

This perfume undead, has become one of my favorite fragrances so far from black baccara. It was a limited release but i hope it comes back again to make a reappearance. Such a beautiful floral with an incense back. Very haunting. If i was a ghost this would be how i would smell. Nostalgic and haunting.