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Black Baccara Oils

Unicorn Grove Perfume Oil

Unicorn Grove Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is fruity and fresh. Highlights include lemon, lime, warm spun sugar, thick caramel swirls, strawberries, and pink lemonade.

A magical and enchanting landscape unfolds in our unique Unicorn-inspired blend. A lemon and lime accord give this blend a crisp, fresh, and clean citrus glow which is softened by warm spun sugar and lush, thick swirls of caramel. On the dry down, a handful of freshly picked summer strawberries and pink lemonade peek through, giving this fragrance a nostalgic aura. This clean, fresh, fruity blend settles into a soft and lingering strawberry that will transport you to another world.

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Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Maas
Finally Mine!

After a crazy trip through the U.S. postal service, my bottle of Unicorn Grove finally arrived! What a truly magical, wonderful scent! It is not as air heady as you would think; it is the warm sugar and caramel that gives this perfume some weight. It succeeds in transporting you to another world. I have never smelled anything like Unicorn Grove. It is like a scent you would only find where unicorns exist. Truly Magical! I am glad this is part of the permanent collection.

Cynthia S.

This is such a fun, light scent. It is fruit forward and leaves a sweet , intoxicating summery scent . Reminds me of laughter, sun, and good memories in a bottle.

Amanda S

This is what magic in a bottle smells like! Its puppy dogs and rainbows and everything that is pure joy and happiness. With a nice thick fruity aroma highlighted by citrus, it such a fresh, sweet scent it makes you feel warm and happy. I love it!


Unicorn Grove is a sample that I received with my St. Patrick's day oils. When I first applied this oil I immediately thought Citrusy Sherbet! It then morphed into a sweet and creamy Lime wedge intertwined with a sugary Strawberry with an aldehyde note! Yummy! Will be ordering the full bottle on my next order!

Myriam Dupuis
Dynamic & Enchanted

I truly love this fragrance. It's like an escapade in a happy Fairytale, with pink unicorns, lively lemon scent, fresh soda and sweetness. Very nice.