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Black Baccara Oils

Vampire Romance Eau De Parfum 2010 Version (Retired)

Vampire Romance Eau De Parfum 2010 Version (Retired)

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Please note that the 2010 version of this fragrance will be retiring on September 1. 

Aroma palette is dark, earthy, and floral. Highlights include black roses, lily, fireplace smoke, leather, dragons blood, incense, and honey.

This haunting rose-based floral begins with a bouquet of black roses, petals tinged with the faintest remnants of fireplace smoke. As it dries down it reveals deep, earthy leather and dragonsblood incense slowly dancing with withering lilies and a swirl of honey.

This is an earthy, leathery rose blend with a dark, ever changing aura. A prefect unisex choice for rose lovers who enjoy their roses dark, incensey, and earthy.

50ml Eau de parfum presented in an elegant glass bottle.

Please note that EDPs can only ship within the United States and must ship via ground due to alcohol content. If you are ordering other items that you would like shipped First Class or Priority mail, please place that order separately.  



Sd Alcohol 40b, Fragrance (Parfum)

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Customer Reviews

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Vampire Romance

One of my favorites!!! Please don't retire!!!

Very nice

Very nice fragrance. At first I smell roses and leather. The dry down more of a warm sweet fragrance. I am always so excited to try a new fragrance. All are so unique and addictive. I am always sniffing my wrists.