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Black Baccara Oils

Vena Cava Perfume Oil

Vena Cava Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is woodsy, floral, and metallic. Highlights include dark florals, merlot, orris, ylang ylang, oud, and blood accord.

This blend is a dark dreamscape of black and white blooms, blood, red wine, and fog. Vena Cava begins with orris, ylang yang, brooding oud, and the faint smoke of burning embers. On the dry down, deep red merlot peeks through the mist and the aroma becomes more woodsy and metallic. A highly unusual, sultry, and dark blend that creates a beautifully seductive noir aura.  

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Customer Reviews

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Not just for vampires

I love and hate buying artisan perfumes because I’ll fall in love with a scent, want to remember it forever, and then the artisan will close their shop and I’ll be broken hearted saving my last dabs of oil. I hope Black Baccara never disappears.
This is a strange comparison, but once the initial hit of earth, metal and winey fruit dies down, it reminds me of some handmade scents I bought from someone on Etsy years ago (vampire inspired) that I thought I’d never find again. On my skin, it evaporates into smoky wood and incense, dragon’s blood, and musky florals. The wine evaporates and I’m left with love spells, glossy art books, cobwebs and wine bottles used as candleholders. I may or may not be describing my room as a young goth decades ago.

Olivia Sunday

I have never been so distracted by my own scent. I wore this out for the first time tonight and kept catching a whiff, and each time I just had to pause for a moment to close my eyes and examine the scent. I am obsessed. I think I've finally found my signature scent. It's seductive, almost boozy, very floral, with a metallic, carnal edge that makes me feel like a very old and beautiful vampire, living in a mountain castle, luring men to their deaths and tending to her flower beds.

Salt on your wounds

Among the whole Vampire Romance set this was my favourite, and i had to get it. It's cold and salty, and wet, and in my mind's eye it's a scent of falling down marble stairs and bleeding on the cold floor. Dramatic.


I love this place so much for so many goth scents, and this is definitely one of my favorites of the ones I've tried so far. Finding this place has reawakened a desire to collect perfume and to use different scents for seasons/occasions as a way to be mindful. Right out of the bottle, I smell a strong scent like red lifesaver gummies and the metallic scent that definitely makes you think of blood, but in a very pleasant way. I never thought I would be into the smell of blood, but the artist is clearly so talented with making complex scent combinations. This one dries on me with a velvety red smell that I think is the merlot or roses, but it's not powdery at all.

Lena Ressel
Hauntingly Seductive!

The smell gets me high and horny every time I wear it, I feel like the sweetest maiden being freshly drained of her blood by the darkest vampire lord on sacred damp soil between old tombstones and mourning flowers.
Hauntingly seductive!