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Victorian Inspired Black Heart Perfume Bottle Statement Necklace (Pre-Order)

  • $70.00

This listing is for a Pre-order. Pre-orders will close on January 24th. All necklaces will be finished and begin shipping on February 3rd.

Your favorite perfume oil becomes wearable art with this enchanting Victorian-inspired black heart perfume bottle statement necklace.

This timeless handmade art necklace features a glass heart base which has been enameled in the deepest black. Suspended from extra large jet black pressed rosary beads and finished with a blackened brass Victorian inspired connector (style may vary), this rosary style necklace is an elegant homage to Victorian mourning jewelry.

This lanyard style necklace is on a 30 inch length of chain.

The bottle holds approximately 4ml of the Black Baccara perfume oil of your choice and the metal cap twists off to allow a controlled application. When you purchase this piece, we can fill it with your choice of any of our perfume oil blends. You can also opt to have it arrive empty. This bottle can also safely and securely hold ashes if you would like to use it as traditional mourning jewelry.

All art jewelry ship beautifully presented in jewelry boxes, making them perfect for gifting as well. This is a handmade art jewelry piece and is not suited for showering or submerging in water.

Please note than any order placed which includes this necklace will not begin to ship until February 3rd. If you would like other items in your order sooner, please place an order for those items separately. 

Customer Reviews

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Laura H.
Black Heart Necklace

Love everything you make!!!

Robyn S.
Victorian Inspired Black Heart Perfume Bottle Statement Necklace


This item was special for me from two perspectives. In my spiritual tradition, we have something called the "Black Heart of Innocence". It refers to the simple and uncorrupted view of life experienced by children and animals. It is an ideal of purity, clarity and innocence. The Black Heart perfume bottle being part off a necklace was fantastic, and such a lovely way to express these ideals. Filled with a rose essential oil blend made it even better.

I have been obsessed with roses since childhood. It is just who I am. I dislike most commercial fragrance, and seek out essential oils and blends, almost always rose based. This is very different from Phantom Rose, in that Black Baccara is dark, smokey and mysterious. It is a rose for autumn and winter. It is dark luscious and yummy.

I am a return customer of this business. That should tell you everything right there. :-)

Best wishes!