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Vintage Perfume Oil Sampler (Temporarily Sold Out)

  • $20.00

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Our Vintage perfume sampler set includes five sample vials. The vials in this set are 1933, Cabaret, Erzulie Dantor, Ghost Violet, and Salome. While many of our blends are inspired by different time periods, the blends in this set are the most true to vintage commercial fragrances. 

Our generously filled 1ml glass apothecary sample vials will provide approximately 5-7 applications or more per vial and contain a plastic wand in the cap for easy and controlled application. Each set is artfully presented in a vintage inspired tin, making them perfect for gift-giving as well.


This masculine blend is reminiscent of vintage mens colognes from days gone by. Featuring a spicy herbal palette of cedar, vetiver, musk, lavender, and lime against a backdrop of deep green forests, this blend is a timeless and unique evocation.

This seductive blend begins with a full bodied dance between sandalwood and musk, gradually revealing glints of lime, lavender, and the faintest hint of greens on the dry down.


Inspired by the romance and decadence of the cabaret, this is a sexy, feminine blend inspired by vintage perfumes. This perfume encapsulates the essence of an old time piano bar or cabaret theatre, wisps of smoke and libations, and hints of romance.

Deep merlot and the faintest hint of tobacco smoke merge with sandalwood, cloves, honey, and a soft floral musk creating an atmosphere of mystery, romance, and timelessness. 

This blend is a reformulation of our Cabaret originally released in 2010 and is true to the original.


This oil was created to honor Erzulie Dantor. Erzulie Dantor is a Petro Lwa and a fierce protector of women and children. She is best known for blessings concerning motherhood, the gay community, strength, vengeance, single women, and artists. She is often syncretized with Santa Barbara Africana, Our Lady of Czestochowa, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

In creating this blend, we wanted to create a fusion of Dantor's favorite perfumes: the old Rêve d'Or (a French perfume that became popular in the late 1800's), Bay Rum, and Florida water. This blend begins with a vintage-inspired aldehydic base augmented by two kinds of bay rum and reveals bursts of orange, lemon, and vetiver essential oils on the dry down before settling into a very vintage-inspired scent reminiscent of perfumes of the 1920s.


As you ascend the staircase of an 18th century mansion, you feel a chill move through you as a woman dressed in white veils passes slowly across the hallway above you. Upon her head she wears a crown of withering violets. In her hands, she clutches a bouquet of the same. As she fades into the crumbling wallpaper at the end of the hall, she leaves a strange and intoxicating fragrance in the air: Ghost Violet.

Our interpretation of violets features a hauntingly beautiful violet bouquet made slightly earthy by Himalayan Cedarwood and greened ever so slightly by vetiver. On the dry down, quick flashes of cloves and vanilla peek through, softening the violets and enhancing the earth. This unforgettable and ghostly blend has a very antique feel reminiscent of perfumes of the 1930s.


A door opens revealing a lavish antique bedroom adorned with the finest gilded furniture and lush fabrics. The centerpiece of the room is a gleaming gold vanity table which holds perfumes and adornments perfectly preserved in time. As you step closer, the intoxicating fragrances blend together to form a single haunting aroma.

An incredibly old-fashioned fragrance reminiscent of perfumes of the Victorian era, this blend is very flowery and powdery with just a hint of spice. Lavender, jasmine, rose, nutmeg, and thyme dance with baby powder and sandalwood. This haunting feminine fragrance will take you to another era.

This blend is a new iteration of our Salome perfume which was originally launched in 2010. Nothing has been changed in this formulation and it is true to the 2010 version.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Corvid Wyrm
Absolutely fantastic!

Each of the scents in this pack fit the theme so well, and they are unlike any other perfume I've smelled. My favorites were 1933, Ghost Violet, and Salome. Will definitely be getting a 10 ml version of one of these!

Amber Wood
Hauntingly beautiful

These are unlike anything I have ever smelled before. Haunting and transcendental. They definitely evoke a different time. I'm in love! My favorites are Erzulie Dantor, 1933 and Cabaret, but all are lovely.

So beautiful

I think I have fallen in love with every one of these. Like nothing I have ever smelled before and really feels like going back in time.