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White Spider™ Perfume Oil (Retiring)

  • $20.00

*Please note that this blend will be retiring soon and is only available while supplies last.

Aromatic palette is spicy, woodsy, and icy. Highlights include fresh ginger, cinnamon, anise, amber, agarwood, and frankincense. 

As the winter months move in and a chill overtakes the air, a single white spider moves into a library attic, weaving her web across the antiqued beams. She is a peaceful harbinger of the quiet, cool, and inspired months to come.

This unique blend is simultaneously spicy and cool. Uplifting and incredibly sensual, this crisp blend is anchored in fresh ginger augmented by a diverse palette of cinnamon, anise, cloves, amber, agarwood, and frankincense. The magic of this blend is that it starts off with invigorating fresh ginger and turns to soft spicy woods on the drydown.

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