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Black Baccara Oils

Wild Lilac Perfume Oil

Wild Lilac Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is a floral musk. Highlights include wild blooming lilacs, white musk, hyacinth, and orange.

A victorian garden bedecked with lilacs and hyacinths, our Wild Lilac perfume is an ode to the timelessness of these purple blooms. Lilac blends with hyacinth and white musk to create a most haunting and classic floral while a pop of sweet orange balances out the floral on the dry down. An intoxicating lilac brew, this blend is like a walk through a magical secret garden blooming with the most decadent lilac trees.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Lilac I've ever smelt

My childhood was filled with lilac trees and various scents of lilac because of my mother's obsession. I love lilac just as much as she does, but unfortunately I don't have a good relationship with her anymore! So I've been wanting a lilac scent that is fit for me instead of reusing my mother's favorite scents, and ho boy does this wild lilac NAIL IT.
This is the most beautiful and natural lilac smell I've come across, while also still keeping a hint of a darker note to it that I absolutely love, and fits my darker style. Absolutely haunting for a ghost such as myself, 10/10, will be ordering a larger bottle when this dram vial runs out.

Sam W.
Amazingly accurate scent

I've been searching far and wide for a fragrance that faithfully replicates the smell of lilac blossoms and this is absolutely perfect. I love it.

Perfect Lilac

The best lilac I’ve ever smelled, hands down. My previous favorite lilac is from another indie brand but it has a watery accord. Wild Lilac is the perfect lilac soliflore. It smells like a cloud of purple pollen. Perfect silage, it was any stronger it could overwhelm because it IS heady and indolic. So beautiful, one of my new favorites from Black Baccara

Diann Daniel

The orange note some how amps the beautiful , very realistic floral notes in this beauty! The musk is a very light undertone. Gorgeous, light floral that has a good throw & nice longevity. Love it!!


I just received, and absolutely love my Wild Lilac perfume oil. Lilac is far and away my favourite scent, and it has been captured perfectly so I can recapture the feelings it conjures in me any time, because lilac season is so fleeting. I also have wonderful memories of a big lilac bush beside my childhood home, and this perfume brings that all back in an instant.