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Winter Witch Perfume Oil

Winter Witch Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is warm and spicy. Highlights include cognac, cardamom, clove, almond extract, vetiver, anise, and fennel.

The Winter season holds it's own special magic. As we enter the dark season, the Witch Of Winter feels most at home retreating to her cottage, basking in the warmth of the hearth, and weaving her magic alongside the magic of snowfall. Winter Witch is an ode to the warmth that can be found during the icy season, and as part of the permanent collection, it is also a beautiful year-round unisex scent. 

This enchanting and soothing blend begins with a deep, rich cognac enhanced by cardamom and slivers of almonds. On the dry down, peeks of spicy cloves emerge as the cognac slowly turns to a phantom and gives way to Vetiver. This complex, warm, spicy, and earthy blend also features hints of anise and fennel to create a comforting and timeless brew that warms beautifully with and wears close to the skin. It settles into a captivatingly warm, earthy, and slightly spicy aroma. 



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Customer Reviews

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Disclaimer: This one bears a danger!

People cannot get enough of me when I wear this!! The cardamon is rich and spicy and I just feel warm inside when I wear it. It feels safe but empowering at the same time. It lingers beautifully and intoxicating to people around you.

Vicky Gilpin
Sweet dark herbal

Winter Witch is excellent. The clove is wonderful and works well with, rather than overpowering, the other notes. I'm wearing it constantly.

Lasting scent

This scent lasted at least 12 hours without fading and it smells amazing. One of my patients complemented it and hours later when she saw me again her words were "god dang, I love whatever it is you're wearing. I've never smelled perfume like that before"

M'aat DeMontrond
Winter Witch It Is

Wow this has been a Winter favorite of mine for sure. I love the nostalgic magic feeling I get when I put this scent on I feel the empowerment of the winter witches magic.....


So unique... I love this scent!! I am loving the Winter scents!!! Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. This is a great perfume anytime of the year.