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Witch's Veil Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is dark, earthy, and woodsy. Highlights include dripping candle wax, extinguished candle flames, aged potions, charred black lace, antique floorboards, labdanum, vanilla absolute, spanish moss, and frankincense. 

Enchant the space within and around you with one of our most haunting blends. This bewitching perfume oil opens with dripping candle wax, aged potions, charred black lace, and archaic enchantments hidden beneath moss covered antique floorboards. On the dry down, ghostings of vanilla sachets peek through and dance with herbal tinctures and fireplace smoke. 

Sacred, strange, and entrancing, this blend is the ultimate signature scent for any witch or anyone seeking to bewitch. The root of this blend features a hauntingly complex blend of frankincense, labdanum, and two types of cedar wood softened and enchanted by whispers of the finest vanilla absolute. In the background, fresh soil and moss peek through, anchoring this mysterious blend in earth.

Please note that natural separation of vanilla will occur in this blend -shake well and enjoy. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Heather S.

    This is the most mysterious, enchanting perfume. It smells of smoke initially, but not in an overwhelming way. It will definitely make people wonder what you've been up to in your moss covered cottage deep in the dark forest.

    Kayla Chevillot
    What sorcery is this!?

    WOW! This just came in the mail and I put it on right away. At first, it smells like straight up smoke... but on the skin, it quickly develops into a complex, dark and beautiful scent experience. This house is going to get a lot of my money. <3

    Lindsay D.
    My favorite scent experience

    Witches Veil is my absolute favorite scent. It is mysterious, evocative, full of all the different notes dancing with each other. Wearing Black Baccara perfumes is an experience, much more than dab - smell pretty - done.

    Jessica R.
    So amazing!

    Definitely witchy goodness!I don't know how I missed this one...its phenomenal! Something about it reminds me Seance which I loved as well! I need more bottles of this! I hope this one is always around!

    Witchcraft! Amazing!

    I am pretty sure that this perfume itself is witchcraft because I have never smelled anything this intense, powerful and mysterious before. It smells like a witch shop I used to visit all the time when I was younger. Something in this perfume is also a DEAD RINGER for the smell of a freshly snuffed candle. I love everything I get from Black Baccara, but this one is next level. I feel like it should give me magic powers and maybe it does. 😂 Such a great perfume. Please please don’t ever retire this one.