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Witch House Perfume Oil

Witch House Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is dark and earthy with a touch of fruit. Highlights include black patchouli, plum wine, cinnamon smoke, black honey, blueberry, and burning sage. 

The most enchanting aromas of a witch house are encapsulated in this bottle to lead you on a magical journey through the most mystical and bewitching aromas. Rooted in black patchouli (a deep, aged, resinous patchouli), this eerie yet beautiful blend travels through notes of plum wine, cinnamon smoke, black honey, blueberry, and burning sage before settling into an earthy arcane brew with ghostings of fruit. 

All of our perfumes are presented beautifully making each of our bottles an artful indulgence for yourself or for gift-giving. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Like nothing else!

I have never smelled anything like this before. It reminds me of my witchy aunts house around the early 2000s. Totally wearable for any gender and so magical like everything else I’ve tried. Can’t wait to try more from this artist. I’ve fallen in love with everything.

Stephanie Morales
Best ever!

Absolutely beautiful scent! Definitely worth the wait! While I’ve always liked wearing perfume and oils, I’ve never had one that actually made me feel confident and better about myself. I just love how it changes as it fades throughout the day. Definitely will order again!

Katie Torrence

This smell brings back memories from my childhood. My parents would use oil around the house. The sweet notes of cinnamon and Patchouli are my favorite. All the scents together are so inviting. I can’t get enough of it!! It’s packaged very well too:) Thank you!!

Carolyn Konopacke
Smells amazing

If magic and enchantment had a smell, this would be it. The dry down is fabulous. It's perfect.

Sara Ray
Witch house

I’ve never bought a perfume blind of the smell before.. but I had seen the ads and they kept coming across my TikTok. I took it as a sign. I did a screen shot so I could remember on paid day and mannnnn did it pay off. It came quicker than I expected it, they were lovely enough to send an email in advance in case the shipping took longer than expected. I totally appreciated that. Guys, lemme tell you that my nose has never been happier, like I’m currently obsessed. The moment I opened it I felt so much. Like this smell is beautiful and I’m so happy I took the chance on it. Now I’m determined to try all the scents, next will be 90’s goth. Bc I totally was. Thank you so very much, your product is 110% worth it. 🖤🖤