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Black Baccara

Witch House Perfume Oil

Witch House Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is dark and earthy with a touch of fruit. Highlights include black patchouli, plum wine, cinnamon smoke, black honey, blueberry, and burning sage. 

The most enchanting aromas of a witch house are encapsulated in this bottle to lead you on a magical journey through the most mystical and bewitching aromas. Rooted in black patchouli (a deep, aged, resinous patchouli), this eerie yet beautiful blend travels through notes of plum wine, cinnamon smoke, black honey, blueberry, and burning sage before settling into an earthy arcane brew with ghostings of fruit.  

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Customer Reviews

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Parisima Sabet
Nothing Like It!!!

This perfume is long lasting with the perfect intensity, not too light and definitely not too heavy. There is a sweetness that blends so perfectly with the earthiness that I have never smelled before, it is unique and so, so beautiful.

THIS is Pure Opulence. Get It.

WOW, just WOOOOW. No wonder Witch House is a leading favorite and part of the permanent collection.
To start, B.B. has been recently making me revise scents I thought I didn't like and persuading me to give them another go. Let me start by saying that I am a person that does not enjoy patchouli. Like at all.... Or so I THOUGHT I did.
The description of the notes sold me into buying the scent. Plum Wine, Cinnamon Smoke, Black Honey, Blueberry, and Burning Sage? No idea what that would smell like altogether but I have familiarity with each note individually, Sign me up. Black Patchouli though?? I was not so sure, but 5 out of 6 notes were good enough for me to try.
First sniff out of the bottle, I got a light berry.
First application? A whole different story! The wine, cinnamon smoke, and blueberry come through in a delicacy of what I can best describe as ripe dark juicy summer berries, poaching in fall's plum wine-infused cinnamon honey with a Boquet Garni of herbs. It is a scent that I feel best describes what the transition from Summer to Fall should be like. There were other scents I could not place like a secondary sweetness that acted more like a blanket in the background, and a slight earth to the cinnamon that kind of gave an almost wine-soaked tobacco cigar and herbally scent. That is when I started thinking about what the last note was.. is this.. is this Black Patchouli? No, it can't be!!! It was. I have never smelled Patchouli like this before and I was floored. Pleasantly surprised. That was where the dark and earthy came from giving off an herbal and almost tobacco-infused wine cigar background. I want to say this is what I expected other fall body mist sprays to have smelled like growing up but never got. I also think of that scene with Myrtle Snow from AHS where they ask if she has any last words and she screams out 'Balenciaga!' as she burns at the stake. Legendary. It gives off that energy.
It is flirty, sultry, powerful, super seductive, has a dark-sweet feminine allure, aphrodisiac tendencies, villainess turned sorta good energy, a good amount of mystery, and gives you the magical Fall scent you always had an idea about but never fully could find in any store. It is worth mentioning also from my experience so far that this perfume also attracts like crazy! This perfume is in a league of its own. High-end fashion elegance in a bottle. Definitely buy if you are on the fence.

This is exactly what I was looking for!

Im always on the look out for great scents. Someone showed me a video about this company, and the witch house perfume oil really stuck in my head. I considered buying it for quite a while. And im glad I finally did. It smells exactly how I imagined it would. It’s perfect. Thank you so much!


I have never been more excited to try a perfume before. When my package arrived I grabbed Witch House first and gave it a smell and I was so worried about the patchouli being too overwhelming for me, tried it on and it is AMAZING! I am so glad I found this beautiful site/brand. Never stop making these wonderful bottles of magic.


I am the type of person who owns dozens of perfumes, and I must say this is one of, if not the absolute best perfume I have ever owned. The smell is so complex and just lightly sweet with a smokiness not unlike the best incense. The smell lasts such a long time too and I think I may wear this perfume every single day for the rest of my life, it's just that amazing.