About Us

Kalliope Amorphous

Founded by Kalliope Amorphous in 2010 as an extension of her work in experimental and conceptual art, Black Baccara is a one woman operation where each perfume oil is carefully crafted by the artist from beginning to end. From the initial aromatic concept, to the label design, to the final boxing, each perfume is created and hand-poured by Kalliope Amorphous in either her New York City or Rhode Island studios.

Black Baccara blends are unique, complex, original mixed media recipes created by the artist in small batches using the finest essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance oils, resins, absolutes, and aroma compounds. When crafting a blend, we want to create an evocative and sensory experience which not only enhances your personal style, but brings you to another time and place.

In concepts ranging from the dark and haunting to the whimsical and nostalgic, we view fragrance as a form of wearable art that goes beyond simply smelling good. Fans of Kalliope's visual art will recognize a similar aesthetic in her olfactory art. Perfume has the ability to both evoke old memories and create new ones, to bring emotions to the surface, and to create a storied aura on the wearer. We are perpetually chasing the most evocative elements of scent and developing new and creative ways to bottle and share that magic through the medium of perfume. 

Each bottle of perfume oil is thoughtfully and carefully crafted with intention and great love for this form of art and our fans appreciate the discernable difference compared to perfumes that have been mass manufactured. Our desire to create an enchanting experience begins with our evocative perfume blends and continues with the smaller details like our carefully and beautifully hand-wrapped packaging. 

Black Baccara is for everyone who wants to embrace the transformative and transportive power of fragrance. We are here for the dreamers and poets in search of enchantments, for the outsiders and eccentrics looking for that elusive scent that encapsulates their personality, for old souls and romantics in search of the timeless and haunting, and for all curious souls in search of a unique handmade perfume experience.