Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer gift cards?

Gift cards are available in multiple denominations and are delivered immediately via email. You'll find a link to our gift card options in the dropdown About menu.You can also click here to be instantly transported there.

What are the ingredients in Black Baccara fragrances?

All Black Baccara perfumes are mixed media blends created from the highest quality essential oils, plant extracts, phthalate free synthetics, professional and house-made accords, absolutes, resins, c02s, professional perfumery materials (aroma chemicals and professional perfumery bases), and unique fragranced oils crafted by the artist. Black Baccara oils do not contain animal-derived, mineral oil based fragrances or fragrances containing harmful diluents. We do not use stock oil type fragrance oils in our products.

All oils are blended into a skin healthy carrier base of fractionated coconut oil, which has an excellent shelf life. On rare occasions, certain limited edition or special conjure oils may have a an alternative oil base, which will be specified in the listing. Our Eau de Parfums are 20% fragrance concentrate in perfumers alcohol.

Are Black Baccara perfume oils vegan/cruelty free?

We are huge animal lovers and all perfumes are tested on humans. Animal musks have been a staple of perfumery since perfumery first began, but Black Baccara blends which list animal musks utilize synthetic animal musks created through the blending of essential oils, aromachemicals and other aroma compounds to create a near identical match to the animal musk fragrance. Occasionally we may offer a product which contains honey, dairy, or beeswax. Items containing non-vegan honey, beeswax, or dairy elements will be marked non-vegan, but if you’re not sure please ask. We don’t purchase materials from companies that test on animals and we won’t ship to China due to their animal testing laws. The founder of Black Baccara also regularly donates to animal charities.

We also care deeply about the planet. Most of our packaging is made of recycled materials. Our black perfume boxes contain 100% recycled boxboard and the inner fibers are made of white 100% recycled non-tarnishing eco fiber. The black outer wrapping is made of 100% recycled paper from French Paper Mill. All of our tissue paper is also made of 100% recycled fibers. We make it a point to also work with as many sustainable companies as we can when it comes to sourcing our paper and packaging products.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship all over the world with the exception of several countries who have restrictive customs regulations or other issues which would impact safe delivery. The list of countries we ship to periodically changes to account for issues with customs.

For international customers, since we don't know the import restrictions in your country, please be aware of your import restrictions before ordering. We cannot mark packages as “gift” and all duties, taxes, brokerage fees, shipping fees or any additional expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser. It is your responsibility to be aware of the VAT and/or duties fees you will have to pay upon delivery

Overseas packages usually take between 3-5 weeks to arrive and are sometimes delayed by customs. Once a package has been processed through customs we are unable to track it on our end. Please check with your local office if your package has not arrived within the estimated time frame. Sometimes packages become held up in customs, and your local customs office should be able to help you and provide more information.

Do you accept refunds?

Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns and all sales are final. If we make an error in your order (such as sending the wrong perfume, for example), we will do our best to make sure it's corrected.

I'm a reviewer/influencer. Can you send me your work for free in exchange for a review?

No. We are always happy to see our fragrances reviewed, but we do not offer fragrances to reviewers in exchange for reviews and we do not work with influencers.

My package never arrived. What can I do?

If your package is not delivered or tracking shows it as stuck in transit, we have no way of obtaining further information as this is a post office issue. You must contact your local post office to inquire regarding the status of your package. Once a package is in the hands of USPS, we have absolutely no control over how USPS handles delivery. You may also contact us so that we can try to initiate contact with the post office as well.

Please note that Black Baccara cannot reimburse orders that were mishandled by the post office or stolen from a residence and you must file a claim with your local post office directly.

We cannot be held accountable for packages where tracking information shows the package has been delivered and we advise visiting your post office in person to file a claim. If you have had issues of packages not being delivered in the past, please contact us to arrange signature confirmation on your package.

How do perfume oils differ from alcohol-based perfumes?

Our perfume oils are composed in a fractionated coconut oil base. Oils tend to be more complex, rich and long-wearing than some alcohol based perfumes and the way that they reveal their notes is more nonlinear. Oils also feel a bit more personal, because unlike alcohol, they absorb into the skin, moisturize the skin, become warmed by body heat, and react with the body chemistry of the individual to create a unique experience for each wearer. Oil-based fragrances also wear closer to the skin creating a halo of scent around the wearer instead of projecting in the room.

Eau de Parfums are what you may be most familiar with, as they are essentially traditional alcohol based perfumes. They tend to have stronger sillage and projection and the base, middle, and top notes tend to be a bit more linear.

Can I use your oils in my diffuser?

It is not recommended, as most will not unfold correctly and fractionated coconut oil is quite viscous. We offer professionally composed perfumes in oil format, not fragrance oils, and they are not meant to be inhaled as home fragrances. We recommend using only undiluted essential oils in a diffuser. Never diffuse oils in a home with pets and never heat fragrances in an oil warmer/burner. Without knowing the flashpoint of each individual component, exposing perfumes to heat and flame could be a fire hazard.

Are there any safety precautions or allergy issues?

Many fragrance components are not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. If you are pregnant, please consult with your doctor before using any product containing essential oils or fragrance of any kind. Always keep fragrances away from children and pets. Pets (especially cats) are very sensitive to plants and essential oils, so please don't pet your fur children if you have oil on your hands.

Always conduct an allergy patch test on a small area of your arm and leave it on for 24 hours before committing to a full application. Black Baccara fragrances are created to be skin-friendly using premium ingredients and within IFRA safe usage limits, but as with all products applied to the body, discontinue use should you experience irritation. Your purchase acknowledges the possibility that some people may have allergic reactions to various aromatics, and Black Baccara is not liable for allergies.

Please don't do strange and dangerous things with your perfume oil. Don't put it in your eyes, for example, or store it near an open flame.

Notes and ingredients are two entirely different things. If you would like to inquire as to whether a certain ingredient that you are allergic to is present in a particular fragrance, feel free to contact us.

What are conjure and ritual oils? How do I use them?

The artist pulls from all parts of her lineage (European and West African) and works in folk Catholicism, Vodun, and hoodoo as well as some aspects of European witchcraft. All ritual oils, conjure oils, and spiritual items are crafted artfully and intuitively to honor the spirits that she works with, honor the traditions of her ancestors, and to help elevate others through the magic of these paths

Ritual oils are perfume blends which have been intuitively crafted to honor specific gods, goddesses, and spirits that the artist honors in her personal practice. They may be used ritually, but they are also the same composition as our regular perfume oils, so they may be worn by anyone who might enjoy their unique fragrance palettes. The only difference between our regular perfume oil and our ritual perfumes is the artists inspiration.

What are Limited Editions?

Most of our limited editions are seasonal and are released for a limited time to coincide with holidays or the changing of seasons. We also resurrect certain limited edition customer favorites seasonally each year. Occasionally, if we are able to source the same ingredients to recreate a Limited Edition from the past, we will do a special re-release. From time to time, a limited edition blend may be integrated into the permanent collection. Our seasonal limited editions are in high demand, so we recommend pre-ordering to reserve your favorites before the launch.

How long will my perfume last?

For daily wear, the longevity of your initial application depends upon the type of fragrance and your body chemistry. The scent will evolve slowly, going through several slight changes and revelations. Some blends will wear longer than others. Most people apply perfume oil periodically throughout the day as a refresher. Our Eau de Parfums have more sillage, throw, and longevity on most wearers and may wear for up to eight hours.

Your perfume oil should last for a year or more if kept out of heat and sunlight. You will find that most of these oils age beautifully and become more complex and deep over time. We have some blends that are over five years old and smell as enchanting as they did the day they were made. Citrus/fruit scents and some florals tend to have slightly less longevity than woodsy and spicy scents.

What Are Pre-Orders And How Do They Work?

A few weeks prior to a new launch, we will offer many of the fragrances in that collection on a pre-order basis. By pre-ordering, you can ensure that you are guaranteed your desired items before the fragrances launch in limited quantity during the official launch, where items tend to sell out quickly.

Pre-orders usually are open for 2-5 days and begin shipping shortly after the pre-order window closes.

Pre-orders must be purchased individually or together with other pre-order fragrances and samples.

My favorite fragrance retired. What gives and is it ever coming back?

The artist occasionally retires fragrances for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes she is no longer able to source a key component of the composition, sometimes fragrances she created over a decade ago are no longer sparking artistic joy, and sometimes its necessary to keep the catalog tightly curated in order to meet demand.

If your favorite fragrance was retired, occasionally you will see it come back around again as a limited edition in a seasonal collection. Your best bet is to subscribe to our email list or follow us on Instagram to be the first one to know if any of your favorites return.