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Autumn In Salem Perfume Oil

Autumn In Salem Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is haunting, earthy, and woodsy. Highlights include aged wood, antiqued cedar chests, windswept autumn leaves, witch shop incense, rain misted old houses, and bare birch trees.

There is a particular aroma in the air in Salem during Autumn. It is this peculiar, haunting, and oddly specific aroma that this evocative blend is based on. The smell of old houses, cool air, and leaves releasing their scent when crushed underfoot. A phantom of incense passes by and fuses the palette together against a backdrop of misting rain.

This blend has an ancient, timeless haunt. It is rooted in Elemi and cedar fused with bits of figs, birch, and a ghosting of cucumber and fresh rain.


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Customer Reviews

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Parisima Sabet

This is the loveliest seasonal perfume I have ever experienced, it is bright and fresh while also having so much depth. This fragrance is like an autumn afternoon walk after the rain.

An experience

I purchased this perfume oil along with 2 others. The scent completely evokes a walk through Salem in autumn. The scent evolves within 10 minutes of placing it on the skin. The scent of rain, birch, and leaves is evident in the most pleasing way.

Caitlyn Patten
Nostalgia in a bottle

It's not often I buy perfume without trying it in a store, but after finding this perfume brand on Tiktok, I really wanted to try it! The second I opened it up, it unlocked a core memory of the smell of the fall potpourri my mom would put out when I was a kid, or the fall craft fairs we would go to on rainy days in November. Amazing scent.


This smells exactly like old houses in New England on a fall day. Lasts a long time on my skin and brings me back to Massachusetts in the fall. All of the perfumes I’ve tried from here are expertly crafted, have so much depth and are very in line with the descriptions.

Soft yet long lasting

I'm in love with this gorgeous fragrance. It's a softer, verging on the edge of unisex fragrance that lasts all day. The scent description matches how it smells very well. I can smell the faint incense, cool autumn air and cucumber the most once it settles down, which I find very calming.