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Black Baccara Oils

Black Cat Perfume Oil

Black Cat Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is dark, spicy, and earthy. Highlights include toasted cardamon, church incense, ancient cedars, tendrils of oak moss, cloves, and earth.

Deep, mysterious, and prone to ever-changing moods, this blend evokes the essence of the mystery, power, and beauty of a black cat casting her long shadow on the cool moonlit earth.

A bewitchingly dark brew, this blend is defined by rich, spicy cardamom and black pepper. This quickly morphing blend travels through cloves, frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood, and a faint touch of oakmoss. This intoxicating unisex perfume is a deep, dark, spicy scent which paints earth and spice against a cardamom background.

This blend is an iteration of the Black Cat that we originally released in 2010.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
my new signature scent

this perfume delivered everything it said it would- and more. whenever i catch a whiff of it all i can imagine is sitting upon the wet, dead, leaf covered earth that means fall has crept upon this hemisphere. it’s entirely an unisex scent, and doesn’t pull to sweet on me as many oil perfumes tend to do. i’m definitely going to need to order a full size once i run out, because this just makes me feel so mysterious and brooding.. which is exactly what i strive to perform to outsiders.... absolutely perfect.

Crystal Leah

This is my first time trying Baccara's scents. I've been following her on Instagram for a while and am impressed with her skills and style. This scent is my favorite so far, its intoxicating. I can't stop smelling my wrists!! I feel swept away to an exotic place that is mystical and magical and I never want to leave. The two other scents I received are also a sensory experience like no other, by far the best artisan perfumes I have come across. I am so happy I gave them a try and will be indulging in more of her scents in the future.

Alyson F.
Black Cat

I absolutely am in love with this scent. It is long lasting and not overpowering. I wear it with a dab of my Autumn In Salem or Cemetery Moss and it reminds me of the most perfect gloomy autumn day. Love this woman and all of her intoxicating scents. I haven't gotten a bad one yet!

Black Cat - perfect tribute to felines

And my dog doesn't mind. Big dog country at my house but I love this scent. Toss up for me between this and Corvid, don't want to be without either. I've been living in them.

Black Cat

This has fast become one of my favorite clove scents (and I love clove and own so many clove scents, lol). It's like simmering spicy, sweet clove near gathered, dry cedar wood while burning incense made with cola-like, resinous myrrh. The touch of earthy oakmoss makes me think of fallen leaves and forest floor. Spicy, woody, earthy, smoky and sweetly resinous. This is the ultimate fall perfume type for me and makes me look forward to Samhain.