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Midnight Mass Perfume Oil

Midnight Mass Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is smoky, incense, and resinous. Highlights include frankincense, myrrh, ancient moss, aged merlot, antique woods, and extinguished candle wick.

The aromatic experience of Midnight Mass is captured in this evocative unisex blend. Frankincense, moss growing on old stones, several types of sandalwood, church incense, and the faintest hint of chalice wine are just some of the stories that rise up from this blend.

In the background of this blend, candle wick and smoke rise to the surface mingling with the wood aromas. Sacred, timeless, evocative, brooding and precise to the aromas of a midnight mass in winter.

This blend is a new iteration of our Midnight Mass which was released in 2010. It is true to the original with the only difference being a bit more emphasis on the aroma of burning candles. 

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Customer Reviews

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Exceeded my expectations. This scent is spot on to incense and candles in an old church. It is intoxicating and comforting. Everyone that has smelled it on me asks to smell it in the tube.

Want to Smell like a Haunted Church? This is for you!

I found this on Tiktok and it's been the best "tiktok made me buy it" purchase ever. I am Catholic and it just makes me think of rituals, old books, and wine. I cannot recommend this scent enough!

Exquisitely, divine, delicious; just amazing!!

So I came across this oil while in search of a unique "incensy and darkish " type of fragrance. I immediately knew I had to have it, so I placed my order. Upon exiting the site, I saw the notice at the top in regards to the wait time. My heart kinda sank bc I already couldn't wait, and now I might be waiting over a month. I then did what I always do in a situation like that. I started looking to see if anyone happened to be selling this beautiful oil, somewhere else. I looked on ebay, Amazon, poshmark, mercari, even Craigslist for God sakes. NO such luck. Just as I was about to give up, there it was. SurrenderToChance had a few different sizes available to purchase (mostly sample sizes )
I figured that was perfect as I did already have the larger size on order. When I received my STC order, I ripped open the package like a kid on Christmas morning. And my first whiff was everything I hoped for and maybe even more.
I have been using up the sample size, numerous times every day and literally just as i was finishing up the last few drops, I noticed that the bigger size was scheduled to be delivered that afternoon !!!
If that wasn't the best possible way for that whole situation to go down, I don't know of any way it could've been better!!!
I did notice subtle differences when comparing the STC sample vs the bigger size that came directly from the artist. Now that I've had a chance to really wear it the way I want, I'm thinking it's just because I had to limit the amount I put on each time, when I really wanted to just douse myself in it !!! It's really very different from anything I've ever smelled before, and I'm not new to "niche type fragrances" the artist did a fantastic job creating this. I'm blown away at how much I'm able to actually pick out certain notes when I usually struggle with that.
I'm definitely going to be trying other oils . Cathedral noir is up next for sure. I wish I had read over some of the descriptions before placing my order. I could've been enjoying TWO of these delightful scents right now !!!!! Hahahaha I'm totally OK and very grateful for even the one though. I can only imagine how difficult it is creating scents this complex, and then dealing with the bottling and labeling and shipping etc, with only one person !!!! So THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL WORK AND FOR SHIPPING IT WAY SOONER THAN I EXPECTED !!!!!


This was exactly the sent I was looking for. Beautiful blend of frankense and myrrh that is suitable for day or eve. Deep and exotic yet soft, it's absolutely perfect. It wears well, keeping the overall smell well intact for many hours. I've had many compliments since I've begun wearing it. It immediately became one of my favorite fragrances.

Midnight Mass perfume oil

This is a beautiful scent. The frankincense and myrrh notes are prominent, and linger as well as the other scents.